Atlantic Series

SKU: AM1711

25 cm x 25 cm 

aluminium di-bond


limited edition of 10

signed by the photographer




ATLANTIC XIV  ​Furreera, Co. Clare, October 2014

ATLANTIC VIII  ​Rossaveal, Co. Galway, December 2009

ATLANTIC VI​    Spiddal, Co. Galway, August 2009

ATLANTIC II​     Rosbeg, Co. Donegal, August 2009

ATLANTIC XII​   Silver Strand, Co. Galway, June 2012

ATLANTIC IV    ​Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo March 2010

ATLANTIC XV​   Glasilaun Beach, Co. Galway, July 2014

ATLANTIC V​     Rosbeg, Co. Donegal, August 2009

ATLANTIC X     ​Spiddal, Co. Galway, March 2012



ATLANTIC SERIES - 2009 onward


A series of long-exposure images ranging from 30 secs to 3minutes.  Each image is a photograph of the horizon at the Atlantic Ocean taken from a variety of locations in Ireland - from Clare to Donegal.


The process creates an abstraction based on the time of day and light at that particular moment in time.

By leaving the camera shutter open for a long period of time, the seascape is transformed into a poetic form, which conveys the sense of light and colour that existed at that moment.


  • Adrian Megahey

    Adrian has been taking photographs for 30 years both personally and professionally. He spent 12 years as technical director with Changeinspeak Theatre Company, in London, producing photo-montages and slideshows as an integral part of many productions.
    Since moving to Galway he has been inspired by the beautiful western Irish light (and rain). He has been developing his portfolio of new work as well as revisiting his large film archive. His work is built up of a mixture of landscape photography and personal projects based around the use of different film cameras: pinhole, medium-format, Lomography and Polaroid as well as alternative process including gold-leaf printing.