SKU: THK1706

29 cm x 33 cm

Oil on canvas.




  • Thérèse Healy Kelly

    Thérèse Healy Kelly is an Economics and Mathematics graduate of UCC and a GMIT graduate in fine arts and design 2017.  The work is full of expression and movement.  It is real, yet abstract. She is an atmospheric painter and her work is reflective and autobiographical. Living in Galway city and coming from north Cork she had a solo sell out show in the Jennings gallery in UCC in 2015 and has been involved in many group exhibitions.


    "Therese Healy Kelly is drawn to two divergent motifs: the architectonic security and comfort of the house, generous interiors full of domestic promise, and another kind of enclosure entirely, a boat. In the context, the latter might suggest setting off into the unknown, embracing risk and uncertainty."