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CONTAE Busca Mor- Linen Mask + Santa (6) Box

CONTAE Busca Mor- Linen Mask + Santa (6) Box


A pure Irish linen ‘Contae Collection’ Mask plus six matching linen County "Nosey Parkers". 

'A gift to truly connect one with their home turf’ and enable a county Santa ‘line out’ on your festive table or tree!


3 layer barrier face mask: 

outer layer: 100% natural Irish linen

middle layer: soft polypropylene

inner layer: 100% natural Irish linen 


Handmade: ‘stitch by stitch’ in Galway using the finest Irish linen from Wexford


Presented via: A sleek Gift Box + the GivingIrish ‘County Tree greeting card’.


Shipping included in price.

  • wA

  • Warning

    The Santa is a decoration, NOT A TOY.


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