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CONTAE Busca Beag - Linen Mask +Nosey Parker (1) Box

CONTAE Busca Beag - Linen Mask +Nosey Parker (1) Box


A pure Irish linen ‘Contae Collection’ Mask plus one matching linen County "Nosey Parker".

Reversible mask: a soft weave reflection of County colours one side, with plain neutral green grey on reverse side.

‘A gift to truly connect one with their home turf’!

As Toronto’s Irish club members say “County first, County second”.

At GivingIrish we believe “your County is your Core”.


3 layer barrier face mask: 

outer layer: 100% natural Irish linen

middle layer: soft polypropylene

inner layer: 100% natural Irish linen 

Handmade: ‘stitch by stitch’ in Galway using the finest Irish linen from Wexford


Presented via:  A sleek Gift Box + the GivingIrish ‘County Tree greeting card’


Shipping included in price.

  • Warning

    Santa is a decoration NOT A TOY.


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