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The innovative givingIrish PPE range has been developed alongside industry professionals to mitigate COVID-19 health risks. The aim being to instil trust as customers and patients return to changed environments of close personal contact.  The choice of PPE colour enables a very visible management of gown changes between each client and their corresponding appointment time. This visible colour coded system is designed to manage risks of transmission, proactively dealing with infection risks between clients and the service provider.

Our Collection is a green reusable multi-use PPE option. We offer you the opportunity to customise design details, to choose colours to reflect your brand and enhance your environment.  The result is less clinical and more uplifting! 

Designed with the following service providers in mind:  

  • Hair Salons, Barbers, Beauty Therapists

  •  GPs, Dentists, Podiatrists, Opticians, Pharmacists, Consultants, Specialists

  •  Home care providers, Nursing Homes

  • Vets and Dog Groomers                              

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